US miners protest against Massey disaster bosses

This video from the USA is called DN! Massey Energy Mine (1) Cited for 1,300+ Safety Violations.

From the AFL-CIO Now blog in the USA:

Mine Workers to Lead Prayers, Protest at Massey Shareholder Meeting

by Mike Hall, May 14, 2010

Members of the Mine Workers (UMWA) and other union members and activists will march and rally in Richmond, Va., Tuesday, May 18, at Massey Energy Co.’s annual shareholder meeting to protest the company’s shameful safety record and demand that CEO Donald Blankenship be held accountable.

Since 2000, 52 people have been killed on Massey Energy property, according to the UMWA. On April 5, 29 coal miners were killed in an explosion at Massey’s Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia. The nonunion mine had a long record of safety violations.

Following Tuesday’s rally, UMWA President Cecil Roberts and Secretary-Treasurer Daniel Kane, holders of Massey shareholder proxies, will enter the shareholder meeting. Roberts, who has said CEO Donald Blankenship should be arrested, will call for his resignation and the defeat of three board members up for re-election.

Nine state pension funds or treasurers’ offices with some $64 million in Massey stock say because the company has “an abysmal safety record,” they will vote against the three Massey board members, including Richard Gabrys, who has been appointed to review the company’s safety failures and a related FBI investigation.

Tuesday’s action will follow a prayer vigil, led by Roberts, outside for the miners at Massey’s Richmond headquarters.

From 2009 through this year, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) issued 639 citations and orders at the Upper Big Branch Mine. According to the agency’s preliminary report on the Upper Big Branch blast, the citations were higher than the national average and also have been more serious. …

We will live Twitter the Tuesday march and rally, and you can follow us on Twitter with the hashtag #firemassey or here at the AFL-CIO Now blog.

US federal prosecutors revealed at the weekend that they are investigating whether there was “wilful criminal activity” by the Performance company that operates the West Virginia coal mine where 29 workers died in an accident last month.

Ex-Massey Miner Says Safety Gripes Got Him Fired: here.

3 thoughts on “US miners protest against Massey disaster bosses

  1. West Virginia mine examination starts

    US: The underground search for clues to the country’s worst coal-mining disaster in 40 years started on Wednesday as two teams began exploring the West Virginia mine where 29 men died in an explosion in April.

    The four-member exploratory teams are trying to determine if it’s safe for government investigators to begin working underground at Massey Energy Co’s Upper Big Branch mine.

    The April 5 explosion is the subject of separate civil and criminal investigations.


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