Lesbos, black stork and crested lark

This is a video about black storks nesting in Portugal.

As this blog said earlier, on the night of Tuesday 4 May we arrived in Skala Kallonis, Lesbos island, Greece.

Next morning, 5 May, Kentish plovers in a wetland not far away. Four little stints as well.

Many crested larks.

A greenfinch singing. And a black-headed bunting, on the top of a bush; probably, it arrived recently, back from migration.

A northern wheatear. A Cetti’s warbler singing.

Then, a stone curlew. Difficult to spot, as its camouflage colours hide it well in this sandy area.

A couple of jays (Middle East subspecies), breaking off shrub branches for their nest.

A corn bunting on a telephone wire.

A black-headed wagtail and a black-headed bunting, sitting together on a bush. Though belonging to different songbird families, their colours make them look rather similar.

A female marsh harrier.

Then, a black stork. First wading in the water, then flying.

This blog will continue with more entries about Lesbos, so stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Lesbos, black stork and crested lark

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