Economic crisis, workers fight back

This video says about itself:

“The People of Greece Are Fighting for the Whole of Europe”: Tariq Ali and Mark Weisbrot Discuss Greece’s Economic Crisis and Popular Uprising.

Last weekend, European leaders and finance ministers agreed to a rescue package for the euro which inaugurates the most comprehensive offensive against the working class since the end of World War II: here.

Sharp cuts in pensions are the latest in a series of austerity measures carried out by Prime Minister George Papendreou following the outbreak of the Greek debt crisis: here.

Thousands of demonstrators marched Wednesday night in Athens against the austerity program of Greek Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou, who is slashing workers’ living standards to pay the state’s creditors among the major international banks: here.

Britain’s new Conservative-Liberal Democrat government is planning all-out war against the working class, including £6 billion in spending cuts: here.

USA: According to an investigation conducted by the non-profit group California Watch, scores of California nursing homes have used more than $880 million in state funding to increase profits, while firing staff and reducing wages: here.

The Sri Lankan president’s self-proclaimed “economic war” took on a new meaning last weekend when the Urban Development Authority utilised soldiers and police to evict families from shanties in central Colombo: here.

The number of suicides in Japan surpassed 30,000 in 2009 for the 12th consecutive year, as more people struggle with harsh economic conditions, the National Policy Agency said Thursday in a report: here.

2 thoughts on “Economic crisis, workers fight back

  1. Urgent! Please take solidarity action.

    On the 4th of May, the Triumph workers in the Philippines were violently evicted from their picket line. More than 200 security forces invaded the former factory grounds, removed the protesting workers and destroyed their action camp. The workers have set up another picket line further down the street, continuing their protest against their dismissals since summer 2009.

    Take action now to support these workers! Visit for more information.


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