Turkey’s west coast

As I reported earlier, on 4 May our plane landed in Izmir, the biggest city of the west coast of Turkey.

At 11:55, we went by bus to the north.

A magpie.

Lots of apartment houses in Turkey have lots of satellite TV dishes. Many immigrants from Turkey in western Europe have satellite dishes as well. Xenophobes hate that, claiming that the immigrants have those dishes because they supposedly hate west European society and its media (never mind that those xenophobes usually hate their own country’s TV as well, for being supposedly “Leftist”). The xenophobes claim these satellite dishes are also a sign of supposed “Islamic fundamentalism” (rubbish, as most really ultra orthodox Muslims, like ultra orthodox Christians, see TV as “satanic”). The satellite dishes in Turkey prove, for the umpteenth time, the foolishness of xenophobia.

On many roofs are solar energy devices as well, especially in Menemen city and Aliaga.

In Bergama, house martins drink from a swimming pool. A Cetti’s warbler warbles close to a stream. Also frog sounds.

Both house sparrows and Spanish sparrows. Collared doves.

Two barn swallows sitting on a rope.

The bus arrives in the small harbour town Dikili. Hooded crows. Yellow-legged gulls.

This is a yellow-legged gull video from Spain.

At 18:40, the ferry to Lesbos island in Greece departs.

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