BP oil disaster and political cover-up

This video from the USA is called GRITtv: David Roberts: Obama’s Offshore Drilling.

Tuesday’s US Senate hearings into the Deepwater Horizon disaster aimed to obscure its real cause: the decades-long gutting of regulation that has been advanced by both Republicans and Democrats at the behest of the oil industry: here.

US senators criticised BP bosses and their drilling partners on Tuesday for seeking to shift blame on to each other over the blown-out wellhead that has spewed at least four million gallons of oil into the Gulf over the last three weeks: here.

Calls are mounting for the state of Louisiana and the federal government to wrest control of the Gulf oil spill cleanup from BP. Two lawmakers say BP seems ‘overwhelmed’: here.

Whistleblower claims BP was complicit in cheating on blowout tests: here.

BP Oil Spill: As Companies Point Fingers at Each Other, New Concerns About Blowout Preventers: here.

Six dead dolphins wash ashore in Gulf after BP oil spill. How many go undetected? Here.

From above and below, Gulf oil leak looks bad on video: here.

‘The governors of the Gulf Coast states, all Republicans, asked the federal government for help dealing with the BP oil spill – yeah, the government, the very organisation that their hero and mentor Ronald Reagan described as “the problem,” not the solution’, says United Steelworkers union (USW) international president Leo W Gerard: here.

ScienceShot: Recycle That Butt, Prevent an Oil Spill: here.

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