To Samos and Turkey

On 4 May, the plane took off. It flew over Monnickendam. Then, over the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve.

Then, it crossed the Ijssel river. At 7:25 it was near Paderborn in Germany. It flew over Prague in the Czech republic at about 8:30. Later, over Thessaloniki in Greece.

At 9:10, it landed at the small airport of Samos island in Greece. A hooded crow flying. At least fifteen house martin couples, nesting on airport buildings.

This is a video about house martins, made in Estonia.

At 9:55, the aircraft took off again. It was supposed to continue to Lesbos island. However, these days there is a big strike movement in Greece against anti-worker cuts. This meant that Lesbos airport was not open for traffic.

So, our aircraft continued, not to Lesbos, but to Izmir in Turkey. We arrived there at 10:15 West European time, 11:15 Turkish time.

5 thoughts on “To Samos and Turkey

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