English osprey video

From Wildlife Extra:

Historic osprey couple reunited after flight from Africa

May 2010: Stunning new footage of Northumberland’s record breaking ospreys has been released by the Kielder Partnership. The adult ospreys have been reunited in 155,000-acre Kielder Water & Forest Park after making their separate ways back from sub-Saharan Africa.

February 2011:The Forestry Commission is to erect three more artificial osprey nesting platforms in Kielder Water & Forest Park. Over the past two years six ospreys have being born and have fledged successfully in the 62,000 hectare (155,000 acre) wilderness using a man-made nest, making Kielder Forest only the second location in England where the bird has recolonised naturally after becoming extinct in the country: here.

March 2011: Nature lovers are flocking to Kielder Water & Forest Park to see a spectacle of nature. Thousands of crossbills have appeared in Kielder Water and Forest Park in Northumberland: here.

2 thoughts on “English osprey video

  1. Three rare ospreys ringed in Kielder

    Nature: Three rare ospreys have been ringed to help experts keep tabs on them.

    The birds are the offspring of a pioneering pair which last year raised the first osprey family in north-east England for at least 200 years.

    The 155,000-acre Kielder wilderness is only the second place in England that ospreys have naturally recolonised after being persecuted to extinction in the 19th century.



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