Sarkozy wants dictatorship over Muslim women’s clothes

Sarkozy monopoly game where you always go to jail, cartoon

Sarkozy is moving to fast-track a total ban on the burqa in France over objections that the bill is unconstitutional, and despite widespread popular hostility to his recent “national identity” campaign: here.

This is a comical video from the USA about Sarkozy‘s burqa ban proposals.

How Muslim women are fighting for their rights from within Islamic tradition, rather than against it: here.

12 thoughts on “Sarkozy wants dictatorship over Muslim women’s clothes

  1. Court backs right not to wear burqa

    Bangladesh: The High Court ordered the government to ensure that women will not be forced to wear burqas at educational institutions after one college reportedly barred females without wearing the garment from entering.

    The court issued a similar order in April, but Sunday’s ruling took the law a step further by stating any kind of religious attire could not be imposed, including skull caps worn by some Muslim men.

    The ruling followed a recent report in a Bengali-language newspaper that the Rani Bhabani Women’s College in northern Bangladesh demanded women wear burqas.


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