Racist law in Arizona, USA

This video from the USA is called Racist Arizona Sheriff faces Civil Rights Probe-1/3.

#2 and #3 of this video series are here below.

The new anti-immigrant law passed in Arizona last week and signed by Governor Jan Brewer is a blatantly racist and anti-democratic measure authorizing police-state methods against the Hispanic population of the state: here. And here.

For Standing Up to Death Threats of Right Wing Seditionists in Arizona, Rep. Raul Grijalva Wins BF Wings of Justice Award: here.

Critics of Arizona’s new immigration law, which requires police to question people they suspect to be undocumented immigrants, say “reasonable suspicion” boils down to having brown skin and looking Latino: here.

Mark Fiore satirical animation on this: here.

Arizona to ban Mexican-American studies & English teachers with heavy accents: here.

Arizona’s Immigration Law Spurs Copycat Legislation: here.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a Bill banning a school district’s ethnic studies programme on Tuesday, hours after a report by United Nations human rights experts condemned the measure: here.

Ten US police chiefs have met Attorney General Eric Holder to criticise the new Arizona law that criminalises undocumented immigrants: here.

Day labourers blasted the Obama administration on Tuesday for authorising the deployment of 1,200 more National Guard troops to supplement the 340-strong force currently policing the US-Mexican border: here.

We Have a Black President, But That Doesn’t Resolve the Deep Racism Built into the American Psyche: here.

Immigration and elections in Britain: here.

6 thoughts on “Racist law in Arizona, USA

  1. Get The “Do I Look Illegal?” T-Shirt | Sign Pledge To Boycott Arizona

    Dear Friend,

    It is racial persecution. It is institutionalized discrimination. It is a direct and blatant attack on the Latino community. The bill signed into law this week by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is a major setback in the fight for equality and civil rights.

    Your appearance, your clothes, your language, your location, your activities or anything that may trigger suspicion is now grounds for detention. So in response to this heinous bill, we decided to send the Arizona governor and the state legislature a challenge: Answer this question – Do I Look “Illegal”?

    Latino or not, let us stand together and fight back against these forces of racism. We have produced T-shirts to tell the Arizona government that we will not stand idle as they trump the basic civil rights of any minority.

    Your contribution of $15 will not only get you one of the T-Shirts but will also allow Brave New Foundation’s Cuéntame to produce a series of videos and actions that will expose the Arizona government for their attempt to institutionalize a Latino persecution.


    We have also launched a pledge to boycott the state of Arizona until this law is stricken down. Sign the petition today and tell Arizona that you boycott intolerance and persecution.

    We are fed up and are ready to fight back! Are you with us?

    ¡Hasta Pronto!

    Axel Caballero, Ofelia Yañez
    and the Cuéntame team


  2. Join the Growing List of Artists against the Arizona’s Anti-Immigant Law SB1070

    Endorsers of Artists Against Arizona ‘s SB 1070 as of 5/13/2010

    * Please post widely & ask the Writers, Dee-Jays, Singers, Actors, Sculptors, Photographers, Musicians and Artists of all kinds to sign-on to use their artistry as a weapon against Arizona ‘s anti-immigrant law SB1070
    * To Sign-on & Endorse this Campaign as an organization, group or as an individual; please send your: Name, Title/Affiliation and City & State to artistsagainstarizona@yahoo.com
    * To follow us on Facebook see: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Artists-Against-Arizonas-SB-1070/114160971948532?ref=ts

    Endorsers of Artists Against Arizona ‘s SB 1070 as of 5/13/2010

    * Absent Cause zine, Brooklyn, NY
    * Adelaide Windsome/ Geppetta, Multimedia Artist, Puppeteer, & Street Performer, Philadelphia , PA
    * Adhamh Roland, Singer/Songwriter/Activist Berkeley , CA
    * Alison Roh Park , Writer, New York , NY
    * Allison Davis, New York , NY
    * Andria Alefhi, Creator of the zine: We’ll Never Have Paris, NY, NY
    * Anado McLauchlin, Artist, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
    * Angela Jimenez, Photographer/Freelance, Brooklyn, New York
    * Annalise Ophelian, Psy.D., Director/Producer, Diagnosing Difference, Floating Ophelia Productions, LLC
    * ArtAndStruggle.Com, Artist & Activist Collective
    * Auggie Kennedy, Chico , CA
    * Bernard J. Tarver, Actor/Writer, Member: AFTRA/AEA/SAG, New York , NY
    * Bet Power, Director & Curator, Sexual Minorities Archives, National collection of LGBTI literature, history, and art.
    * Brandon King, Community Organizer/Activist/Visual Artist- Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, New York , NY
    * Cecilia P Norris, Two spirited Native, First Peoples &Indigenous rights Activist, Writer, Slam Poet, Chapel Hill , NC
    * Celeste Chan, Multimedia Artist and Organizer, San Francisco
    * Charles M. Wilmoth, San Francisco , CA
    * Christine Stoddard, Writer and Interdisciplinary Artist, Richmond , VA
    * Dana Morrigan, Managing Editor, Genderfork.com, San Rafael , CA
    * Dante Alencastre, Filmmaker, En El Fuego(In The Fire), Los Angeles , CA
    * David “Spoonboy” Combs, Singer/Songwriter, Washington , D.C.
    * Deirdre Sinnott, Writer, New York , NY
    * Elaine Carol, Artistic Director, MISCELLANEOUS Productions, Vancouver, BC , Canada
    * Elliott Harvey, Vocalist & Writer of A Stick and A Stone, Philadelphia , PA
    * Encian Pastel, Storyteller, Oakland , CA
    * Eric Johns, Creator Dildo Machine zine & Filmmaker, Questionable Productions, Olney, Maryland
    * Malin Laney, Photographer, Eugene, OR
    * Evan Greer, Singer/Songwriter, Riot-Folk! Collective, AFM Local 1000, Boston , MA
    * Frances Varian, Poet, Essayist, Performer, Activist. Durham, North Carolina
    * Gina de Vries, Writer/Performer, San Francisco , CA
    * Good Asian Drivers Brooklyn , NY
    * Haley Koch, Performance Artist, Alice B. Collective, Chapel Hill , NC
    * Heather Cottin, Singer, Activist with the May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights, Freeport , NY
    * Ignacio G. Rivera, Poly Patao Productions, Brooklyn , NY
    * Imani Henry, Activist, Writer, Performer, Brooklyn , NY
    * J.M. Giordano, Photographer, Baltimore , MD
    * Jae Sevelius, PhD, UCSF, San Francisco , CA
    * Jaimie Hashey, Editor and Writer of ButtRagMag, Musician with Burglepig
    * Jenna Brager, Cartoonist, Washington DC
    * Jonathan Wolfel / Independent Artist / Tucson , Arizona
    * Jules Rosskam, Artist/Educator/Activist, Brooklyn , NY
    * K. Ulanday Barrett, Educator/Performance Poet/Speaker/Writer, Jersey City . NJ.
    * Kentucky Fried Woman, Dancer, Performer & Producer, Oakland CA
    * Khalil Khan, Movement in Motion
    * Koba, Hip-Hop Producer and Performer, Harlem , NY
    * Laura-Marie, Creator of mental health zine, Functionally Ill, Sacramento , CA
    * Laura Schleifer, Writer/Theater Artist, New York , NY
    * Lena Bartula, Artist, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato , Mexico
    * Leslie Feinberg, Nat’l Writers Union-UAW, Co-Founder Rainbow Flags for Mumia
    * Mark Gunnery, Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Riot Folk/Odonian Records, Baltimore , MD
    * Mental Notes – Hip Hop Fusion Band
    * Micah Riot/Maya Rivina, Artist, San Francisco , CA
    * Minnie Bruce Pratt, National Writers Union, Syracuse , NY
    * Nomy Lamm, Writer/Musician, San Francisco , CA
    * Quail Bell Magazine, Richmond , VA
    * Red Durkin, Comedian, Oakland , CA
    * Reginald Harris, Poet and Writer, Baltimore MD
    * Ryan Harvey – Riot-Folk! Collective, Baltimore , MD
    * Sha Grogan-Brown, Co-Founder/On Point Consortium, Washington DC
    * Shawna Virago, Musician, San Francisco , CA
    * Shelley Ettinger, Writer, Queens , NY
    * Spiritchild, Founder of Movement in Motion, Artist & Activist collective
    * StormMiguel Florez, Musician, Performer, Producer, San Francisco , CA
    * Tha Truth, Political Hip Hop Artist, Philadelphia , PA
    * The Greater Washington Indie Arts Festival, Arlington , VA
    * The Shondes, Brooklyn , NY
    * Theater of Irregular Desire, Berkeley , CA
    * Tobi Vail, Olympia, WA
    * Viktoria Valenzuela, Founder of The Fresh Ink Poets and Writers, Oswego , NY
    * Vondora Jordan , Singer/Writer, Harlem, NY
    * YK Hong, Artist, Freedom Trainers, Brooklyn , NY
    * Zeraph Moore, Organizer, Bangor Media Collective, Bangor , ME

    Artists Against Arizona’s SB 1070 Statement

    We believe, the decision by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to sign into law the poorly conceived immigration measure SB1070, marks a new low in the fight to protect civil liberties in The United States. This law allows any officer of the law at the state, county, or city level in Arizona to determine the legal immigration status of anyone at anytime, among other provisions, including making it a crime to be in Arizona illegally.

    Millions of people everywhere believe it will lead to rampant racial profiling, particularly against people of Latino/a heritage. President Obama has called it “misguided.” Furthermore, immigration is a national issue and the state of Arizona has no constitutional role in determining who has legal status in this country.

    We are calling on members of the worldwide artistic community–whether visual, performing, literary or other discipline–to boycott the state of Arizona in opposition to this unjust legislation, for as long as it remains on the books. We ask artists to not perform, produce, present, appear or conduct business in Arizona so that lawmakers there understand that the rest of the country disapproves, so they will feel the economic impact of their bad decision. We call on talent agents, managers, publicists, unions and associations to also support this effort and the artists they represent who choose to join.

    We also call on fans and supporters of the arts to contact their favorite performers and artists and encourage them to participate in this boycott. Fans can also show their support for the boycott by writing to Arizona Governor Brewer, and by supporting their favorite artists when they make appearances in other states.

    The artistic community has a natural role to play in commenting and responding to social issues. Now more than ever the time is right to act.

    To Sign-on & Endorse this Campaign as an organization, group or as an individual; please send your: Name, Title/Affiliation and City & State to


    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Artists-Against-Arizonas-SB 1070/114160971948532?ref=ts


  3. Day 8 of Hunger Strike!!

    Students & Youth on Hunger Strike

    for the Dream Act

    Call Senator Chuck Schumer Immediately!

    Demand that he meet with the hunger strikers now!

    Hold him accountable for the students health and wealth being!

    Sign the call to support the hunger strikers!

    Since Tuesday, June 1, dozens of students and youth have been on a hunger strike in New York City in front of the offices of Senator Chuck Schumer at 757 Third Ave in Manhattan. These youth are mostly all undocumented. They are taking great risks to fight for their rights for education and legalization.

    The hunger strike is part of the students’ long struggle for legalization via the call for the passage of the DREAM ACT, a piece of legislation that would provide legalization with many caveats for those who came to the U.S. as children. The students are on hunger strike demanding that Senator Schumer move the Dream Act forward in Congress as a stand alone bill.

    The students have been on this hunger strike because Senator Schumer has not met any of the demands of the students and has even treated them harshly and ignored their appeals. The students believe they have gotten the run-around time and time again.

    To call Senator Schumer:

    In New York:
    Call: 212-486-4430
    Fax: 212-486-7693

    In D.C.:
    Call: 202-224-6542
    Fax: 202-228-3027

    To sign your name to the call email: MayDay2010@peoplesmail.net

    The following Labor & Community Activists Support the Students & Youth on

    Hunger Strike for the Dream Act

    * We call on Senator Schumer to meet with the students on hunger strike.
    * We hold Senator Schumer accountable for the health and wealth-being of every student on hunger strike. These students are putting their lives on the line as a result of the lack of political will on the part of elected officials.
    * We demand that Senator Schumer hear the calls of immigrants and supporters for a just, fair, pro-worker immigration reform.

    * Adriana Garcia, MAIZ San Jose, CA
    * Alex Hernandez Majumder, International Action Center
    * Alfonso Gonzales, Dr.; Asst. Prof, Latino Studies Program, NYU
    * Anne Pruden, NY Committee to Free Mumia
    * Arnold Garcia, National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
    * Bernadette Ellorin, Chairperson, Bayan USA Filipino Organization
    * C. Shahid, Pakistan USA Freedom Forum
    * Cathey Stanley, Raliegh North Carolina, FIST
    * Cheryl Labash, U.S./Cuba Labor Exchange
    * Charles Jenkins, Second Vice President, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, NYC Chapter, TWU Activist
    * Daniel Vila, Independent Workers Movement
    * David L. Wilson, (co-author, The Politics of Immigration: Questions & Answers)
    * Ellen Catalinatto, Nurse
    * Ellie Dorritie, American Postal Workers Union Retirees*, Buffalo NY
    * Erik-Anders Nilsson, Jersey City Peace Movement, Director
    * George Guenthal, Working Peoples News
    * Gregory Dunkel, AFT 2334
    * Heather Cottin, Professor LaGuardia College, PSC -CUNY
    * Imani Henry, Activist, Writer, Performer
    * Isabel Garcia, Derechos Humanos, Tucson Arizon
    * Joyce Wilcox, RN
    * Lallan Schoenstein, UNITE HERE Retiree
    * Larry Hales, FIST youth organizer
    * Leah Gitter, retired New York City Teacher
    * Leslie Feinberg, NWU/UAW
    * Lucy Pagoada, UFT member
    * Margarita Aguilar, Graphic Artists Guild
    * Marina Diaz, Centro Tucumán Guatemalan organization
    * Michael Kramer, Vets for Peace
    * Mike Eilenfeldt, Delegate, New York City Central Labor Council, Staff & Workers Union at Cooper Union Local 37-901, NYSUT, AFT, AFL-CIO
    * Mike Gimbel, Chair of Labor/Community Unity Committee, Local 375 AFSCME
    * Minnie Bruce Pratt, National Writers Union
    * Monica Moorehead, Womens Fightback Network
    * Nieves Ayress, La Peña del Bronx
    * Paul Teitelbaum, May 1st Coalition, Tucson, Arizona
    * Professor Robin McCubbin, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA California Teachers Association
    * Sara Flounders, International Action Center
    * Sarah Resnick
    * Sharon Danann, member of AFGE, Local 2089
    * Steve Durham, Freedom Socialist Party
    * Sue Haris, Ph.D., Peoples Video Network Co-Director
    * Tania Penafort, Cornell University Student
    * Tatiana Bejar, Human Rights Project at the Urban Justice Center
    * Teresa Gutierrez, May 1st Coalition for Worker & Immigrant Rights
    * Victor Toro, fighting for political asylum
    * Wellington Echegaray, Colombian activist

    *for ID only


  4. Change to biased drug law passed

    US: Congress on Wednesday changed a US law that has subjected tens of thousands of black citizens to long prison terms for crack cocaine convictions while giving far more lenient treatment to those, mainly white people, caught with the powder form of the drug.

    The House, by voice vote, approved a Bill that alters a 1986 rule, enacted at the height of the “War on Drugs” frenzy, under which a person convicted of crack cocaine possession gets the same mandatory prison term as someone with 100 times the same amount of powder cocaine.

    The legislation reduces that ratio to about 18-1.



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