Economic crisis, but not for millionaires

‘THIS situation cannot be allowed to continue,’ GMB national officer Sharon Holder told News Line yesterday in response to this year’s Sunday Times Rich List which showed that the collective wealth of the UK’s 1,000 richest people soared by 30 per cent: here.

Britain: The 1,000 richest people’s wealth went up by £77 billion last year – 21-year old Vicky Harrison committed suicide after rejection for 200 jobs: here.

Usdaw union delegates representing a quarter of a million low-paid shopworkers have angrily denounced wealthy supermarket bosses for raking in multi-million pound salaries while forcing workers to claim state benefits to top up poverty wages: here.

Fat cats and the recession, cartoon

New York City: Luxury housing market recovers as homelessness rises: here.

European and IMF officials indicated they will demand further social cuts in Greece following Prime Minister Giorgios Papandreou’s request for a bailout: here.

2 thoughts on “Economic crisis, but not for millionaires

  1. Sat. May 8th 12 Noon
    Rally at the Dept of Labor
    200 Constitution Ave. NW
    (between 2nd and 3rd Sts.)

    Seventy-five years ago, Pres. Roosevelt signed the executive order establishing the Works Projects Administration, the biggest public jobs program in U.S. history. Join unemployed people, trade unionists, community and youth activists and organizations from all over the country on Saturday, May 8 in Washington, D.C. to call for a real jobs program for the 30 million unemployed and underemployed people in the U.S. today.

    We will protest at the Labor Dept. and then meet to plan our next steps. Joblessness is the number one crisis today. Yet, from Wall St. to Washington, bankers and politicians are determined to ignore this reality. After wasting trillions on bailing out bankers and waging wars, the only thing they want to talk about is cutting social programs, laying off more workers, busting unions and causing more misery and suffering. If we don’t unite, and raise hell, hell on earth is what we’ll have. In 1935, it took a mass struggle to win a jobs
    Join us on May 8 to start a fight for a jobs program right now.
    This event was initiated by the Bail Out the People Movement. Among the many organizations participating in May 8 are: Black Workers for Justice; UE 150, NC; San Francisco Central Labor Council; Moratorium Now! Coal.; Picture the Homeless; Pastors For Peace; Boston School Bus Drivers USW Local
    8751; Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign; Campaign to Abolish Poverty/Coalition for Economic & Social Justice; Casa Freehold Day Laborers Org., NJ; Code Pink & Global Exchange; Rhode Island Unemployed Council; Peoples Organization for Progress; May 1st Coalition for Worker & Immigrant Rights; Million Worker March Movement; Labor/Community Coalition, LA; Job Is A Right Campaign, MD; Defenders For Freedom, Justice & Equality, VA; and many others.
    To endorse the May 8 Jobs Protest, go to Phone 212-633-6646


    RALLY * SAT * MAY 8
    12 noon to 2 p.m.
    at the

    7TH and MISSION ST

    For more information: 415-738-4739 or


  2. Britain:

    A third of workers ‘don’t trust bosses’

    Work: An increasing number of young workers do not trust their employers and refuse to believe what their bosses tell them, a study showed on Sunday.

    A survey of 1,000 workers aged between 16 and 24 revealed that a third did not believe most or any of what they were told by their employer, compared with one in five last year.

    Recruitment consultants Badenoch & Clark said research showed that workers in the legal profession were particularly sceptical of their employers, while human resources staff were most likely to trust their bosses.


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