Fish discoveries in Greenland waters

From National Geographic:

Pictures: Strange Sea Species Found Off Greenland

Alien of the Deep

Looking like a creature from the Alien movies, this nightmarish “longhead dreamer” anglerfish (Chaenophryne longiceps) was until recently an alien species to Greenland waters (map).

The dreamer, which grows to a not-so-monstrous 6.7 inches (17 centimeters) in length, is 1 of 38 fish species found around the Arctic island for the first time, according to a recent study led by biologist Peter Møller of the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.

Ten of the species new to Greenland are new to science too. All 38 were discovered since the last such survey in 1992.

Rising ocean temperatures due to global warming—which could be drawing unfamiliar fishes to the region—and increased deep-sea fishing may be responsible for the spike in fresh fish faces seen off Greenland, according to the study, published in February in the journal Zootaxa. (Learn about global warming.)

—James Owen

Published April 21, 2010

A collaborative research team led by Queen’s University biologists has found that potent metals like mercury and lead, ingested by Arctic seabirds feeding in the ocean, end up in the sediment of polar ponds: here.

Controlling mercury in the Arctic: here.

Greenland’s ice cap, the world’s second largest, is on track to hit its tipping point: here.


Blue stork in Germany

This Dutch TV video is about a white stork in Biegen village in Germany. At the moment, that stork is not white, but blue (maybe because of paint?).

Racist law in Arizona, USA

This video from the USA is called Racist Arizona Sheriff faces Civil Rights Probe-1/3.

#2 and #3 of this video series are here below.

The new anti-immigrant law passed in Arizona last week and signed by Governor Jan Brewer is a blatantly racist and anti-democratic measure authorizing police-state methods against the Hispanic population of the state: here. And here.

For Standing Up to Death Threats of Right Wing Seditionists in Arizona, Rep. Raul Grijalva Wins BF Wings of Justice Award: here.

Critics of Arizona’s new immigration law, which requires police to question people they suspect to be undocumented immigrants, say “reasonable suspicion” boils down to having brown skin and looking Latino: here.

Mark Fiore satirical animation on this: here.

Arizona to ban Mexican-American studies & English teachers with heavy accents: here.

Arizona’s Immigration Law Spurs Copycat Legislation: here.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a Bill banning a school district’s ethnic studies programme on Tuesday, hours after a report by United Nations human rights experts condemned the measure: here.

Ten US police chiefs have met Attorney General Eric Holder to criticise the new Arizona law that criminalises undocumented immigrants: here.

Day labourers blasted the Obama administration on Tuesday for authorising the deployment of 1,200 more National Guard troops to supplement the 340-strong force currently policing the US-Mexican border: here.

We Have a Black President, But That Doesn’t Resolve the Deep Racism Built into the American Psyche: here.

Immigration and elections in Britain: here.