Butterflies and woodpecker

Today, the cemetery again.

This is a video about (male and caterpillar stage) holly blue butterflies.

Close to the entrance, a female holly blue butterfly near a shrub.

A blue tit in a tree. A great spotted woodpecker male sometimes on a tombstone, sometimes looking for food in a tree.

Many speckled wood butterflies today.

A small tortoiseshell butterfly.

Seaside pansy (Viola curtisii) flowering.

A blackcap singing. Swifts calling, high in the sky.

‘Eden Project for butterflies’ hopes to become world’s biggest. Second stage of conservation project begins with release of hundreds of Heliconius chestertonii into butterfly house: here.

Heliconius sara in the Netherlands: here.

Sparrowhawk and great spotted woodpecker photo: here.

1 thought on “Butterflies and woodpecker

  1. Neglected Victorian cemetery to reopen

    Heritage: A Victorian garden cemetery which suffered from neglect and the threat of redevelopment will officially reopen this week following a £5 million rescue and restoration programme.

    The Arnos Vale cemetery in Bristol contains listed buildings and monuments and has become an important refuge for urban wildlife including three species of bat, foxes, a family of badgers, and possibly even roe deer.



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