More Belgian clerical sexual abuse scandals

This video says about itself:

The pope accepted the resignation of the Belgian Bishop Roger Joseph Vangheluwe. Vangheluwe, the bishop of Bruges, came clean about abusing a young man at the beginning of his episcopate.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

‘Bruges bishop covered up other abuse

Published: April 24, 2010 9:37
Last Modified: April 24, 2010 9:53

BRUSSELS – The Roman Catholic Church in Belgium is investigating whether the Bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe, who resigned this Friday, has covered up abuse by other clergy.

Peter Adriaenssens, the president of the committee which deals with complaints about sexual abuse in the church, has said so this Saturday, according to the Flemish public broadcaster VRT.

Vangheluwe resigned after he admitted he had sexually abused a minor boy from his surroundings

his nephew, according to Dutch RTL TV

for years.

There are reports that Vangheluwe was aware of sexual abuse by other clergy, and that he did not take action against that.


Thus, in the 1990s, he is said to have ordained someone as a deacon, about whom he knew that the latter had sexually abused a boy. The victim had already committed suicide.

Although the sexual abuse crimes which Vangheluwe is guilty of are time barred in criminal law, public prosecution in Bruges has started an investigation of Vangheluwe as well just to make sure, Belgian media reported.

Knowing about it

Former Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels has declared this Saturday that he did not remember that the abuse by Vangheluwe is said to have been reported to him long ago. A Belgian priest says that he had reported that to Danneels back in the 1990s.

Danneels, who resigned in January, has said that he did not hear about the Vangheluwe case until early this month.

Possibly more abuse by Vangheluwe, according to Belgian (Roman Catholic) daily De Standaard.

There are not just abuse scandals in Roman Catholicism, but in other religions as well; like in some authoritarian tendencies within Hinduism. From Merinews in India:

Sex swami Nityananda arrested: Will he confess his sex scandals?

The self claimed Godman Swami Nityananda who was absconding for the past one month, was finally arrested from a house in Solan district on Wednesday afternoon. They also recovered $7,000, Rs 3 lakh, three laptops and eight mobiles among other things.

USA: Boy Scouts Ordered To Pay $18.5M In Sex Abuse Case: here. And here.

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