Brackish water animals survive near Amsterdam

This aquarium video is about:

Some Thai fairy shrimps hanging out with their mates including ramshorn snails, water lice, gammarus shrimp, gammarus pulex and daphnia.

When in the Netherlands in the 1930s, the Zuiderzee with its brackish water became the fresh water Ijsselmeer, many plants and animals living there were no longer able to survive.

However, quite some of these species managed to survive in the North Sea Canal, from Amsterdam to the North Sea, which also has brackish water.

Among these species: the amphipod Gammarus pulex; the snail Hydrobia jenkinsi; the bay barnacle; marine woodlice; the sponge Ephydatia fluviatilis; Harris mud crab; the mud shrimp Corophium volutator; the mussel Congeria cochleata; the zebra mussel; the opossum shrimp.

Source: Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad, 8 August 1991.

‘Killer’ shrimps threaten native wildlife: here.

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