United States, Australian cuts in education, health

Hundreds of thousands of public school teachers across the United States are facing possible layoffs this coming academic year, with school districts facing massive budget deficits: here.

New York City’s St. Vincent’s Hospital, a 160-year-old institution and one of the city’s best-known emergency care facilities, laid off 1,000 workers April 19, as it prepares to shut its doors for good in the next two weeks: here.

The Council of Australian Governments meeting concluded with the states agreeing to new tax and funding mechanisms that will play a central role in Canberra’s agenda of slashing long-term health care spending and further undermining the public health system: here.

Australia: A lack of funding for clinics treating adults suffering from cystic fibrosis provides an insight into the deep crisis facing public health facilities in New South Wales (NSW) and nationally, and the cynical response of the major parties: here.

1 thought on “United States, Australian cuts in education, health

  1. Democrats.com and our allies are calling Congress today (202-225-3121) to vote against $35 billion more for the Endless War in Afghanistan, because we desperately need those funds right here at home.


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