Film corporation censors Hitler parodies

Last year, I blogged about a Hitler video parody about Nick Griffin, fuehrer of the neo-fascist British National Party.

However, the video I put there originally no longer works.

From the blog of Jason Linkins in the USA:

‘Downfall’ Parody Clips Slowly Being Removed By YouTube

Bad news for people who like to see the news of the day filtered through parody videos of otherwise obscure German movies about Adolf Hitler.

Constantin Film, the copyright holder of the movie “Der Untergang” (also known as “Downfall”) has requested that YouTube take down all instances in which their movie is being used satirically, and YouTube is complying with this request. That means that very soon, all of your beloved “Downfall” parody clips will be no more.

From the Huffington Post in the USA today:

You knew this was coming. Upon hearing the news that all of the “Downfall” parodies are being removed from YouTube, Hitler is pissed. And rightfully so. How dare they delete his reaction videos? They had over 100 million views!

The creator of this video (uploaded apparently by Hitler, himself) had the good sense to upload it to Funny Or Die, where Hitler’s safe. For now.

Apparently, some corporate film CEO’s have no sense of humour. That is their problem. However, those fat cats react by creating problems for people who do have a sense of humour.

See also here.

3 thoughts on “Film corporation censors Hitler parodies

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