End occupation of Haiti, Latin Americans say

This video is called Naomi Klein Issues Haiti Disaster Capitalism Alert: Stop Them Before They Shock Again.

Latin America’s left-wing governments have pledged to continue their support for the reconstruction of Haiti and reiterated their demands that foreign troops leave the earthquake-devastated country: here.

Haitian labour leader calls for solidarity, not charity: here.

Protesters Denounce “Plan To Sell Haiti To Foreign Powers”: here.

The United Nations confirmed at the weekend that it is investigating the slaughter of dozens of prisoners during an attempted jailbreak in Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake: here.

Leah Gordon spoke to Socialist Worker about a new book of her photography from Haiti: here.

2 thoughts on “End occupation of Haiti, Latin Americans say

  1. Women in camps ‘regularly raped’

    Haiti: A delegation of US lawyers, health professionals and community activists who recently visited Haiti have warned that women in Port-au-Prince refugee camps are subjected to “alarming rates of rape.”

    The team, which spent over a week conducting on-site interviews, said on Monday that women who report rapes to the police are routinely “turned away, not taken seriously, or told to notify the police if they see the rapists again.”

    The Port-au-Prince based Bureau des Avocats Internationaux and Lawyers Earthquake Response Network called on the Haitian government to immediately improve services for rape survivors and boost police patrols inside the camps.



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