US mine disaster whitewash?

Unsafe mines in the USAEarlier this week West Virgina Governor Joe Manchin announced the appointment of Davitt McAteer to conduct the state investigation into the mine disaster that killed 29 miners. His record suggests that the probe will be a whitewash of the coal operators and federal mine officials: here.

The death of a miner in Western Australia has highlighted the worsening toll of deaths and injuries in BHP Billiton operations and the mining industry: here.

Trip Van Noppen: Momentum Builds Against Mountaintop Removal Mining: here.

Anti Flag lead singer Justin Sane pledges to stop mountaintop removal: here.

Over 100 activists, inc. scientist James Hansen, have been arrested protesting mountaintop removal in front of the White House: here.

Mountaintop mining plans close to defeat: here.

James Russell, Truthout: “Deep in coal country, a revolution is brewing. In rural West Virginia, nearly 500 people have been marching since Monday, June 6, to fight against mountaintop removal, for a new clean economy and to remember the battle at Blair Mountain, the largest armed labor battle in United States history that was fought at its base more than 90 years ago. Dubbed Appalachia Rising: The March on Blair Mountain, the marchers are retracing the steps of the original march that preceded the 1921 battle that pitted union organizers against mercenaries hired by coal companies to fight unionization in southern West Virginia counties. Setting the stage for the American labor movement, the battle left what one expert estimates to be hundreds dead from nearly one millions rounds of ammunition. But, now, the unprotected battle site is under threat by coal companies using the dangerous excavation tactic known as mountaintop removal”: here.

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