Vale-Inco strike in Canada

This video says about itself:

22 August 2009 — The strike against Vale-Inco in Sudbury heats up as company threatens to use non-union labor.

As the strike at Vale Inco’s Sudbury mine and smelter operations enters its tenth month, the transnational mining conglomerate is stepping up its scabbing operation: here.

2 thoughts on “Vale-Inco strike in Canada

  1. 6500 are the biggest hipacrits, cause they take jobs from other people such as out of town jobs. Living in elliotlake and all I see a few of them striker workers by my shop on the weekend scabbing other peoples work.They were offer a great contract which they would of made more money in the end of things but been trick into thinking its garbage. The strike has no real purpose, and nobody knows why there striking, all this video is is false propaganda. all these guys were making 60 k per year so they were not starving to begin with. but now sadly they are but it was all unessesary.


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