Poetry, five times

This is a video of a poetry slam in 2008, won by Pom Wolff and Odette van Kempen.

As I went to the poetry night, a singing blackbird. And a flying, calling ring-necked parakeet.

Tonight, slam poetry with five participants.

First, Arjan Blok from Alkmaar with love poems.

Then, well-known slam poet Pom Wolff from Amsterdam; this time, with poems about birds and buffaloes.

Then, Erwin Mulder, also from Amsterdam.

Then, yours truly, with poems on a ladybird, trains, and other subjects.

Finally, twenty-year old Michelle Schipper from Rijswijk with love poetry.

After a pause, the same five poets again, in reverse order.

The jury decided that Erwin Mulder and Pom Wolff would be the two finalists. Pom Wolff won that final.

The audience decided that Michelle Schipper would also proceed to the semi finals, later this year.

1 thought on “Poetry, five times

  1. The Achievements of Capitalism

    Wednesday 14 April 2010

    by Francis Combes

    So this system will have achieved miracles

    before our very eyes:

    under its reign abundance reveals itself the

    cause of poverty,

    progress engenders barbarism,

    the strengthening of the State, insecurity

    the development of media


    the scintillating conquests of science

    generalised ignorance,

    economic globalisation

    tribal wars,

    the unification of the world market

    the division of workers and peoples,

    as for artists

    all that remains for them

    is to produce commodities

    and to cultivate ugliness.

    About the poet: The French poet Francis Combes has published 15 books of poetry. He has translated several poets into French, including Heine, Brecht, Mayakovsky and Attila Joszef. He is a founder of the radical publishing co-operative Le Temps des Cerises and was for many years responsible for putting poems on the Paris Metro.

    This poem is from Common Cause (translated by Alan Dent), published this July by Smokestack Books.



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