750,000 fraudulent votes in Iraq, ruling party says

This video from the USA says about tself:

Keith Olbermann takes a look back at Bush’s lies about Iraq, beginning in the Presidential campaign when he said he was against “nation-building”, through the false WMD claims, and more.

After the election fraud in occupied Afghanistan … from British daily The Morning Star:

Up to 750,000 votes questioned in Iraq elections

Monday 12 April 2010

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s Islamist Party announced on Sunday that its investigation into Iraq‘s March 7 parliamentary election has thrown into question 750,000 votes.

The figure would be enough to change the results of the national poll.

1 thought on “750,000 fraudulent votes in Iraq, ruling party says

  1. Iraqi shopkeeper fears his $12,000 escape was all in vain


    April 13, 2010

    THE CD shop of Hussein al-Hakak was burnt down in the Iraqi village he fled, embarking on a well-organised journey from airports to safe houses and finally a wooden boat to Ashmore Reef. Four months and $12,000 later, he faces being sent home.

    When he arrived at Villawood detention centre a fortnight ago from Christmas Island, Mr Hakak says he was told a review of his case would be fast-tracked, but he has not seen any sign it is under way.

    ”We hear the news that the government has changed policy for Afghan people and Sri Lankans and [we] are scared they [will] change the policy on us,” he said.

    He has joined 40 Iraqis whose asylum claims were rejected by the Immigration Department in a hunger strike that began at Villawood on Sunday.

    The Social Justice Network activist Jamal Daoud said the mood in Villawood was angry and depressed since the government announced a freeze on processing Afghan and Sri Lankan claims. Internet access had been cut off, he said. ”They want some assurance their claims will not be politicised.”

    An Immigration Department official said food and water was available to detainees conducting a ”peaceful protest” that would ”have no effect on the department’s handling of the case”.

    David Manne of the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre, speaking from Christmas Island, said there was confusion and anxiety among asylum seekers over the rule change for Sri Lankans and Afghans.

    ”For some there is a real level of concern, if not fear, there may be a negative impact on their cases,” Mr Manne said.

    Mr Hakak flew from Basra to Malaysia on December 2. He said a man was waiting for him at Kuala Lumpur airport and took him to a house where he stayed for 10 days with others preparing to travel to Australia.

    He paid $2000 to be taken to a house in Jakarta, and then $10,000 for the next leg: a flight to Surabaya, where smugglers collected the desperate group in a car and then waited five days before setting off with 58 others by boat to Ashmore Reef.

    ”I was very worried that it was not safe in this ship … We thought when we arrived we had found protection. We were shocked when they rejected us,” Mr Hakak said.



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