Thailand pro-democracy protests continue

This video says about itself:

Anti-government protesters in Thailand – known as the Red Shirts – have spilt blood on the prime minister’s office.

From Al Jazeera:

Red shirts plan biggest protest yet

Anti-government protesters in Thailand have said they will stage the biggest demonstration yet in their month-long campaign to unseat the government and force new elections.

BANGKOK, Apr 9, 2010 (Asia Media Forum) – For press freedom advocates, it was bad enough, though not totally surprising, to hear that the government had shut down the opposition media amid the state of emergency in the Thai capital. But alarming to them is the gagging even of independent news sites: here.

From DPA news agency:

Bangkok – Thousands of anti-government demonstrators on Friday stormed the compound of a satellite station after its main television channel was blocked from broadcasting under an emergency law.

See also here.

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