Spanish dictator Franco sued

This video says about itself:

The Valle de los Caídos (in English: Valley of the Fallen) is a monumental memorial. As a surviving artifact of Franco’s rule, the monument and its Catholic basilica built by political prisoners for this cruel dictator and human right abuser.

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant:

Indictment against Franco in Argentina

From our reporter Iñaki Oñorbe Genovesi on 09 April ’10, 20:57, updated 09 april ’10, 21:10

AMSTERDAM – Next week, human rights groups will be in federal court in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires for an indictment for genocide and crimes against humanity committed by the regime of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. This Spanish-Argentine lawyer Carlos Slepoy said so this Friday.

According to Slepoy, the indictment is based on the assumption that such crimes can not become superannuated because of the so-called principle of universality and can be dealt with by judges all around the world who are authorized. A similar form of jurisdiction, for example by the Spanish courts previously also applied to the Argentine ex-naval officer Adolfo Scilingo in 2007 who got 1084 years in prison for his role in the Argentine dictatorship (1976-1983).


Slepoy stressed that the Argentine federal judge will be asked to investigate genocide and crimes against humanity committed in Spain between July 18, 1936 (the day when Franco and his nationalist forces rebelled against the Second Republic and the Spanish Civil War began) and December 15, 1975 (three weeks after Franco died at age 82).

These two dates include the period mentioned in the Spanish amnesty of 1977 and are applicable to all those who have committed a crime in Spain with “a political background.” An amnesty which human rights organizations opposed vehemently. But the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations has recommended the scheme to be declared non-mandatory.


According to Slepoy, the organizations will represent survivors of the 113 thousand people officially missing in Spain; the indictment of Franco and his followers is based on the specific case of Severino Rivas, the socialist mayor of the Spanish town of Lugo shot in 1936. Basing himself on this case Slepoy and the prosecutors hope to prove that the Franco regime executed a systematic plan that led to “a political, social and cultural genocide.”

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