New Zealand clerical sexual abuse scandal

This video says about itself:

Don’t Hurt Them Anymore

(One Abused Orphan’s Plea)

This video was compiled by Billy. She so wanted to help give a voice to one abuse victim in particular, Ann Thompson or Ann Free Spirit as she is known to us in our Catholica cyber community. It is yet another plea for the Catholic Church to Say Sorry not just to her but to all it’s abuse victims, around the world.

Ann is but one of a number of children that were placed in Catholic orphanages in New Zealand and who were severely abused; sexually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. She does not want hate, only love and forgiveness which is the very least she deserves from the hierarchy of the catholic church.

My book, “Say Sorry”, is now released by the Penguin Book publishers, Auckland New Zealand, 1st June 2009.

Take heart, Ann, there are many that love you and support you – this is your story….

From British daily The Morning Star:

Church to probe 5 new abuse cases

New Zealand: The country’s Catholic church has revealed that it is investigating five new complaints of sexual abuse of children from at least 20 years ago.

Terry Carter, one New Zealand victim of a paedophile priest, insisted that only a government inquiry would reveal the extent of the abuse, arguing that the church protects abusive priests by moving them from country to country.

“To pretend it’s just an Irish problem or an American problem is rubbish – it’s in every country they are in,” Mr Carter said.

He added: “A lot of priests have actually been moved to other countries to pretend it didn’t happen and carry on reoffending.”

According to Dutch daily De Volkskrant today, so many people in Germany wanted to report cases of Roman Catholic clerical sexual abuse to a telephonic helpline, that of over 13,000 callers just 2,670 people managed to get through to the other side of the phone connection.

Mark Fiore cartoon about the sexual abuse scandals: here.

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