Attempt on dictator Mussolini’s life

This video is called Italian Fascism 1.

This is part 2.

This is part 3.

By Steve Andrew in Britain:

The Woman Who Shot Mussolini

by Frances Stonor Saunders (Faber, £20)

Tuesday 06 April 2010

On April 7 1926 Violet Gibson rose to fame when she attempted to kill Mussolini at a fascist rally in Rome.

Unfortunately Il Duce survived and Violet was to spend the rest of her lonely days incarcerated in an asylum until her eventual death in 1956.

It certainly wasn’t the life that she’d been expected to lead. Born into a wealthy Tory Unionist background, this serious-minded young woman had quickly become both bored and frustrated by the conventions of the day.

After having flirted with the somewhat quirky doctrines of Theosophy and Steinerism, she settled down to a kind of left-wing modernist Catholicism similar to that adopted by her pro-home rule Gaelic Leaguer brother Willie.

Living in Italy over a period of years, Violet saw first hand the results of blackshirt violence and quickly resolved to do something about it.

Saunders treats her subject sympathetically and quickly puts paid to any notion that she was simply unhinged.

The open support given to Mussolini by many in the British Establishment is a key theme throughout and passages on how fascist ideology exploited such assassination attempts also make for a fascinating read.

That said, there’s perhaps too strong an emphasis placed on individual psychology as key to explaining history, while the very different fate that would have awaited, say, a British working-class communist for committing the same act just doesn’t seem to merit any attention.

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