Wrens’ nest and mating stock doves

This morning in the Heempark: a song thrush singing. Greenfinch. Great tits.

Marsh marigold flowers.

In the canal, a male red-crested pochard swimming. A bit further, an Egyptian goose swimming.

Muscovy ducks. Domestic geese. A singing chaffinch.

A female great spotted woodpecker looking for insects on a birch tree.

Two Canada geese on the bank of the pond: one sleeping, one on watch duty.

Two wrens on a pollard willow.

This is a wren video.

A blue tit with a small branch in its beak, probably for nesting.

A long-tailed tit on a birch tree.

In the water which is an ice rink if it is frozen, mallard and gadwall ducks now.

A robin in bushes near the bank.

In Poelgeest woodland, many wood anemone flowers.

Jackdaws nesting in a nestbox.

A nuthatch whistling near a treetop.

Ring-necked parakeets.

Stock doves mating high up in the trees.

A wren building a nest in a hole of a tree with much ivy.

Back to the Heempark. A coot sitting on a nest, while its mate brings new nesting material.

A white stork flying.

A singing chiffchaff. In a treetop, but as the tree does not have many leaves yet and it is not that high, this time the bird is clearly visible.

In the canal, a great crested grebe and moorhens.

USA: Marsh Wren, Cistothorus palustris (Video): here.

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