Women scientists get less pay

This video is called Paying women less is insulting.

From ABC in the USA:

Female Researchers Paid Less than Males: Study

Exact Reasons for Discrepancy Remain a Mystery, Researchers Report

MedPage Today Staff Writer

April 4, 2010

Women in life sciences research still earn less than their male counterparts, with no obvious explanation for the disparity, researchers found.

After accounting for professional characteristics and publication volume, female researchers earned an average of $13,228 less per year than men, according to Catherine DesRoches of Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and colleagues.

The differences ranged from $6,028 among researchers with PhDs to $14,868 for those housed in departments of medicine, they reported in the April issue of Academic Medicine.

“Even after almost a decade of looking at this issue, with universities really making some good-faith efforts to try to make sure this isn’t happening, we’re still seeing a significant gap in pay between equally qualified men and women,” DesRoches said in an interview.

Young adults in Britain can’t name a single female scientist: here.

USA: Women earn more PhDs than men for the first time, but still make less $$ at every academic rank: here.

Why So Few Women in Silicon Valley? Here.

The gender pay gap will not close for 57 years, says new research: here.

USA: Chamber of Commerce said that instead of pay equity, women should pick the right husband: here.

US workforce stats show women not progressing into management posts: here.

In nonprofits, female executives are STILL being short changed: here.

THE FEMALE EXODUS FROM THE TECH INDUSTRY “Plenty of programs now encourage girls and minorities to embrace technology at a young age. But amid all the publicity for those efforts, one truth is little discussed: Qualified women are leaving the tech industry in droves. Women in tech say filling the pipeline of talent won’t do much good if women keep quitting — it’s like trying to fill a leaking bucket … A Harvard Business Review study from 2008 found that as many as 50% of women working in science, engineering and technology will, over time, leave because of hostile work environments.” [LA Times]

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