Lake Eyre, Australia, waterbird paradise again

This video is about Lake Eyre in Australia.

From The Wilderness Society in Australia:

Boom time for the Channel Country rivers of Lake Eyre Basin

It’s boom time for the Channel Country rivers of Lake Eyre Basin in central Australia – for nature, and for the local community. For the second year running, major rains and floods have completely transformed Australia’s arid heart into a lush, green water-land, bursting with birdlife and brimming with breeding fish. It is without doubt one of the most spectacular natural events on the planet.

Just imagine standing on the edge of this expansive shallow lake as Pelicans and Yellow-Billed Spoonbills and Black Swans fly over your head. It’s a stark contrast to the normally bone-dry, sandy plain that would be the common sight in this area. In large floods, up to 10 million waterbirds congregate in these temporary wetlands.

Some of the water in these floodplains, after soaking the soils and replenishing the waterholes, will flow all the way down into Lake Eyre, turning the salt flats once again into a huge inland lake.

Cane toads threaten Lake Eyre: here.

June 2010. Following last year’s spectacular sight as floodwaters filled the once dormant Lake Eyre in South Australia, the remarkable natural phenomenon is occurring for a second consecutive year, on an even bigger scale. Visitors can marvel at the reborn lake for another three or four months with scenic flights and expeditions: here.

State of the World’s Waterbirds: in trouble in Asia, recovering in ‘the West’: here.

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