Extreme Right terrorism in the USA

From Democracy NOW! in the USA:

Rage on the Right: Christian Militia Raided in Michigan; Tennessee Skinhead Pleads Guilty to Obama Assassination Plot

The Justice Department has charged nine members of a Michigan-based Christian militia group in connection with an alleged plot to spark a war against the federal government. Meanwhile, a white power skinhead from Tennessee has pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring to carry out a killing spree targeting African Americans, including then-presidential candidate Barack Obama. We speak to Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center. [includes rush transcript]

Scott Roeder, who murdered one of the few US doctors who performed late-term abortions, was sentenced to life in prison in Wichita on Thursday: here.

Texas Man Arrested For Threats Against Abortion Clinic: here.

Rachel Maddow on Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism: here.


6 thoughts on “Extreme Right terrorism in the USA

  1. http://www.aaumc.org/drupal/node/63

    Arab American Union Members Council: Gascon’s Apology Is Not Enough

    “We are well aware that these comments are part and parcel of the ongoing racism and discrimination that characterize the San Francisco Police Department’s approach to people of color and other oppressed communities.”

    As the San Francisco Chief of Police George Gascon rushes from one community group to another offering “apologies and clarifications” of “misunderstandings” for the second week in the diverse city of San Francisco, members of The Arab American Union Members Council continue to be appalled by San Francisco Police Chief George Gascon’s March 24 remarks. Gascon spoke, allegedly in favor of an earthquake-retrofitting bill, alleging that the Hall of Justice is susceptible to “members of the city’s Middle Eastern community parking a van in front of it and blowing it up.” (San Francisco Chronicle, March 26, 2010)

    Gascon later attempted to “clarify” his comments by claiming his remarks did not apply to the entire Arab, Muslim and broader Middle Eastern community, but instead to the Yemeni and Afghan communities in San Francisco – blatantly singling out these communities for further targeting, discrimination and injustice.

    We are appalled by Chief Gascon’s racist remarks and believe that he is chasing federal “anti-terrorism” funding by putting our communities at risk. This is unacceptable, and we will not stand for members of our community being held up as threats based on national origin in a cheap grab for federal funds.

    These statements illustrate an approach toward our community that is discriminatory and dangerous, indicating that we are viewed not as members of the community deserving of respect and protection, but instead subject to criminalization and demonization at the highest levels of the city’s police force.

    Such statements by public officials, particularly public officials charged with protecting and serving the people of our city, are absolutely unacceptable. They place members of our community at risk of targeting and discrimination, and make it clear that members of our community are viewed as threats rather than part of the fabric of our city.

    Naji Daifullah, the historic labor organizer of Arab American farm workers in California who sacrificed his life with other farm workers from Asia and Latin America to build a union for farm workers with Cesar Chavez as his mentor, was a member of the Yemeni community and the inspiration for today’s Arab American Union Members Council. As union members, workers and members of the Arab community, we cannot and will not tolerate racism from the police force, let alone blatantly expressed racism from the city’s Police Chief.

    We are well aware that these comments are part and parcel of the ongoing racism and discrimination that characterize the San Francisco Police Department’s approach to people of color and other oppressed communities. AAUMC stands side by side with all people of color communities and other oppressed groups in San Francisco to say that formal apologies are necessary to assure safety to a targeted community, but continue to be disingenuous and insufficient. Racial profiling and harassment by law enforcement are a constant threat faced by communities of color in our city, and they are unacceptable. It is time that a real commitment is made to ending racial profiling and holding the police accountable when our communities are targeted.

    We demand that the San Francisco Police Department demonstrate real commitment, beyond mere words, toward treating our communities – and all oppressed groups and communities in our city – with respect. Such steps must include disallowing any reconvening of the SFPD intelligence unit, creating a public advisory/accountability forum for the SFPD and a strict policy preventing police referrals to immigration authorities/ICE.

    The people united will never be defeated.

    Monadel Herzallah
    President of AAUMC
    Member of AROC
    And board member of ACCC


  2. Anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) will do whatever it takes to stop women from accessing abortion. Many CPCs harass, humiliate, and scare women.

    Now, CPCs are using popular online search directories to mislead women about their services.

    Tell SuperPages.com and YellowPages.com: Stop Deceptive Anti-Choice Ads.

    Bob Fertik

    NARAL Pro-Choice America

    Dear Activist,

    This is an ad for a “crisis pregnancy center.” It does not provide abortion care.

    Crisis Pregnancy Center Ad

    Ads for CPCs should not be listed under “abortion services.”

    Call on SuperPages.com and YellowPages.com to take down all misleading CPC ads.

    Anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) do whatever it takes to block women from choosing abortion.

    Many even stoop to advertising under “abortion services” and “abortion clinics” in popular online search directories. Let’s be clear: CPCs do not provide abortion care.

    We’re calling on two of the biggest search directories, SuperPages.com and YellowPages.com, to take down all misleading CPC ads.

    Add your name to our letter by June 30 so you can be part of our delivery!

    Never heard of a CPC? They look like women’s health-care clinics. But most of the estimated 4,000 CPCs are unlicensed and unregulated storefronts staffed by anti-choice volunteers.

    Their number-one goal is to make women feel too guilty or scared to choose abortion by providing information that is medically inaccurate and manipulative.

    It’s fine for groups that oppose abortion to advertise. But they shouldn’t be allowed to advertise under “abortion services” or “abortion clinics.” It’s just cruel to lie to women facing an unintended pregnancy.

    Help us end the lies. Sign onto our letter to SuperPages.com and YellowPages.com today.

    YellowPages.com and SuperPages.com have 125 million monthly searches and 30 million unique visitors per month, respectively. The vast majority of people who use these directories contact the merchants or organizations they find.

    CPCs didn’t miss a beat. Just a few years ago, CPCs advertised on billboards, street-level signs, and even in the phone book. Now they are flooding the Internet, reaching even more unsuspecting women.

    Tell SuperPages.com and YellowPages.com that CPCs are using their sites to trick women. The fraud against women must stop.

    Can you imagine facing an unintended pregnancy and accidentally going to a CPC staffed by anti-choice volunteers when you thought you were visiting a legitimate health center? It sounds horrific.

    We need to stop CPCs from using popular sites like SuperPages.com and YellowPages.com to advertise abortion services that they clearly don’t provide.

    Thanks for adding your name to our letter today.

    My best,

    Nancy Keenan
    President, NARAL Pro-Choice America


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