Dick Cheney’s corporation accused of Iraq fraud

This video from the USA is called Jamie Leigh JonesKBR Gang Rape ABC 20/20 Report.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Washington takes on its Iraq mercenaries

Friday 02 April 2010

The US government turned on its mercenaries in Iraq on Thursday and sued the largest “contractor” in Iraq over improper charges for private security.

Houston-based KBR Inc is a former subsidiary of Halliburton.

the corporation of Dick Cheney, George W Bush’s vice president

It recently won a new contract worth more than £1.3 billion for support work in Iraq.

The lawsuit charged that KBR and 33 of its subcontractors used private armed security from 2003 to 2006.

It alleged that KBR knew that the company could not bill the US government for such services, but did so anyway.

The case poses the question of what authority private contractors had to carry weapons and use force.

KBR reported 2009 revenues of £3.2bn from government contracts to provide logistical support, such as food services, transport, laundry and mail for US forces in Iraq, but security was to be provided by the military.

The government says KBR broke the contract by failing to get army authorisation to arm subcontractors and using unregistered private security contractors.

KBR’s “Facts” About Rape Case Are No Such Thing: here.

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