Bird migration Internet game

This video is called HUMMINGBIRD MIGRATION.

From Wildbird on the Fly blog in the USA:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

“Mission: Migration” online game

Want to help your flock safely fly long distances while looking for food, water, shelter and space? Click on Mission: Migration to accept the challenge and see how birds travel during spring and fall migrations.

Players will help the flock dodge storms and airplanes, catch jet streams and fly faster or slower. They also will choose landing sites when the flock runs out of energy.

Kudos to the designers for choosing to feature a young woman as the birder who introduces the animated game! Unfortunately, the pop-up screen wasn’t adjustable in size, the text appeared in a small font, and the symbols in the farmland landing zone were too small to read as hazards; the game could be better but illustrates some great concepts. facilitates the tracking and reporting of raptor migrations. As part of HMANA’s Raptors Online effort, many North American hawk watch sites report their daily raptor counts here.

ScienceDaily (June 8, 2010) — Even tiny patches of woods in urban areas seem to provide adequate food and protection for some species of migrating birds as they fly between wintering and breeding grounds, new research has found: here.

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