Anti-nazi play banned in England

This video from Wales says about itself:

EDL Nazi Salutes in Swansea

The English and Welsh Defence Leagues marched in Swansea on Oct 17, chanting “BNP, BNP, BNP“, burning an Anti-Nazi symbol, and making Nazi salutes. No sensible person was ever fooled by the EDL pretending to be against Fascism, and now what little credibility EDL could have ever claimed is completely destroyed.

The EDL were founded by an alliance of BNP activists, a football hooligan who was jailed for stabbing Manchester United fans, and a self-confessed former drug-dealer… nice! …

EDL supporters gave Nazi salutes in Birmingham, gave Nazi salutes in Harrow, gave Nazi salutes in Glasgow, gave Nazi salutes in Manchester, gave Nazi salutes in Swansea, and attacked Asians, Asian shops and assaulted a Sikh councillor in Luton.

From Socialist Worker weekly in Britain:

Anti-BNP play banned in Dudley

A performance of the critically acclaimed play Moonfleece, which deals with the BNP, has been cancelled by Dudley’s Mill Theatre.

It was scheduled for 1 April—two days before the planned English Defence League protest in the town.

“We are all angry and upset,” Will Young, the producer of the play, told Socialist Worker.

“We have been on tour in areas where the BNP are standing.

“We hold after-show discussions and work to involve people coming to the theatre for the first time.


“We have been to Bradford, Leicester, and Birmingham—there has been no trouble at any performance, and we’ve had a fantastic response.

“The play and discussion allows people to talk about racism and homophobia.

“It is important to have these discussions in Dudley where the BNP won 10 percent of the vote in the last election.

“I find it hard to believe that the EDL are allowed to rally on Saturday while our play is cancelled.”

See also, more extensively, in The Independent.


ScienceDaily (Apr. 1, 2010) — The way people choose to cope with personal experiences of racism influences the distress caused by the encounter, according to a new study of Filipino-American men and women. Published today in the Journal of Counseling Psychology, the study finds that denying or ignoring racial discrimination leads to greater psychological distress, including anxiety and depression, and lowers self-esteem: here.

5 thoughts on “Anti-nazi play banned in England

  1. ‘Science’ should not be an excuse for racism

    A hundred years ago it was common for racist ideas to be promoted and endorsed by the scientific establishment. Unfortunately it seems those attitudes persist at the London School of Economics (LSE).

    Last week Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist working in LSE’s department of management, published a blatantly racist article in Psychology Today.

    He claimed that black women were “objectively” less attractive than other women.

    The article was taken down after complaints, but Kanazawa is unrepentant. He has form for this sort of thing. In 2006 he claimed that the low levels of life expectancy in much of Africa were down to the “low IQ” of Africans.

    In February last year he claimed that “half of Muslims worldwide” were “active supporters of terrorism”.

    Surely it’s time LSE took action against this charlatan? It defies belief that someone with views like that could work with or effectively teach black or Muslim students.

    What Kanazawa is doing isn’t science—he is dressing up racist bigotry in scientific language. This is not acceptable. LSE should sack him immediately.

    Anindya Bhattacharyya

    East London


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