Red-crested pochards and fungi

This is a Dutch video about Meijendel nature reserve.

Today, to the Kijfhoek; the southernmost part of the Kijfhoek en Bierlap part of the reserve.

On our way, black swans near the Valkenburg lake.

Arriving in Meijendel, a buzzard sitting on a coniferous tree.

Songs of chiffchaffs. And of a willow warbler (early in the year for that species).

A male and a female great spotted woodpecker.

A jay.

A song thrush near a treetop, singing beautifully for a long time.

A stock dove.

Blue tits and great tits.

A marsh tit.

On a, still standing, birch tree are birch bracket fungi.

A bit further, on the dune sand floor, much smaller fungi: winter stalkballs.

Green woodpecker sound.

A great crested grebe and grey lag geese in a lake.

In another lake, about thirty red-crested pochards. Also common pochards, tufted ducks, mallards, Canada geese, and coots.

And a little grebe.

A sparrowhawk circling in the air.

A male fallow deer.

Finally, striated earthstars.

Meijendel dwarf earthstar photos: here.

2 thoughts on “Red-crested pochards and fungi

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