New Indian frog species discovered

This video is called Paradise unexplored – North East INDIA [HD] part 1 of 2.

This video is part 2.

From in India:

New species of frog found in Mizoram

Aizawl, Mar 25 : Zoologists here claim to have discovered new species of frog at Tamdil lake in Mizoram, about 80 kms northeast of state capital.

Leptolalax tamdil, named after the lake in which it is found, is an anuran amphibian belonging to the family Megophryidae.

It is so far found only in Mizoram, said assistant professor of zoology department in Mizoram University H T Lalremsanga, who led the team that discovered the frog.

It is a small frog, but medium-sized among Leptolalax species, the male measuring 32.3 mm, and female 31.8 mm.

The species is diagnosed with unique features such as eyelids with tubercles, distinct tympanum and supratympanic folds, undilated toe tips with dermal fringes, long hind limbs, and distinct color patches.

”The finding was a result of ten long years of research in the lake,” research scholar of zoology department of the university Saipari Sailo said.

Peered review international scientific journal Zootaxa has approved the discovery and published it on March 23, 2010, Sailo said.

Tamdil lake is one of the 94 national wetland areas, but it has disappointed a number of zoologists who have visited it.

”The new discovery will hopefully attract scientists across the globe,” Lalremsanga said. …

The scientists believe that Mizoram is home to many more undiscovered species of plants and animals.


Madagascar frog rears tadpoles in dead palm leaves: here.

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