Rare squid beaches on Texel

European flying squid on Icelandic stamp

Translated from Dutch daily Trouw today:

Rare squid stranded on Texel again

This week, for the third time in three months time on the beach of Texel a rare dead European flying squid has been found. Ecomare reported this on Wednesday.

Also on Vlieland, a specimen beached in January. According to Ecomare, it is extraordinary that four squid have stranded in such a short time. Before 1960 these squid washed up regularly on the Dutch beaches, but between 1964 and 2009 only two specimens stranded on Texel. Ecomare cannot explain why now suddenly so many animals end up on beaches.

The European flying squid is the largest squid species in the North Sea. The animals grow up to 150 centimeter long.

Flying squid beaches on Vlieland: here.

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