World Migratory Bird Day, 8-9 May 2010

This video is called World Migratory Bird Day 2014 Trailer – Destination Flyways: Migratory Birds and Tourism.

From BirdLife:

World Migratory Bird Day focuses on globally threatened migratory birds – This year’s World Migratory Bird Day theme has been announced as: ‘Save migratory birds in crisis – every species counts!’ This years awareness-raising campaign will take place from 8-9 May 2010, and aims to inspire people to take action for the conservation of migratory birds.

“This year’s theme aims to raise awareness on globally threatened migratory birds, with a particular focus on those on the very edge of extinction – the Critically Endangered migratory birds”, said Bert Lenten, Executive Secretary of the UNEP administered African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) and initiator of the World Migratory Bird Day campaign.

“In line with the International Year of Biodiversity, the 2010 WMBD theme also highlights how migratory birds are part of the biological diversity of our world and how the threat of extinction faced by individual bird species is a reflection of the larger extinction crisis threatening other species and the natural diversity that underpins all life on earth”, added Lenten. To find out more, and to register your event, please click here. To read more about BirdLife’s work on migratory birds, please click here.

One of the most important non-breeding sites for Critically Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper Eurynorhynchus pygmeus in the Inner Gulf of Thailand, Khok Kham, has taken a major step towards Ramsar designation, thanks to an appeal by local conservation groups: here.

Spoon-billed Sandpiper oversummering in Thailand Khok Kham: here.

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