Rare giant river turtle’s eggs in Austria

This video is about the news that in Austria a super rare Batagur baska turtle has laid 17 eggs.

From Wikipedia:

The Batagur, also called giant river turtle or mangrove terrapin (Batagur baska) is a species of riverine turtle. It is one of the most critically-endangered turtle species according to a 2003 assessment by the IUCN.

From Austrian radio:

The rarest turtles in the world, the Batagur turtles are expecting a new generation in Schönbrunn zoo [in Vienna]. Baby turtles of this species would be a sensation, as in the whole world, there are only 15 individuals.

Tense wait

In the aquarium building, a few days ago 17 eggs from a female Batagur were put into small incubators. It takes between 70 and 100 days before the juveniles hatch.

Vienna zoo breeds endangered batagur turtle: here.

6 thoughts on “Rare giant river turtle’s eggs in Austria

  1. Turtle bred on artificial beach

    2012-06-11 17:41

    Dhaka – Zoologists have for the first time bred a critically endangered turtle species using an artificial beach, Bangladeshi specialists announced on Monday.

    The northern river terrapin, scientific name Batagur baska, is extinct in the wild in Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam, and survives only in tiny numbers in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    But 25 turtles hatched last week at a beach built on the banks of two ponds in Bangladesh’s Bhawal National Park to encourage their parents, which had been captured from the wild, to breed in a safe environment.

    “The female turtles laid eggs and last week 25 turtles cubs were hatched,” said SMA Rashid, head of the Centre for Advanced Research in Natural Resources and Management, a private wildlife group.

    “They are tiny but doing fine.”

    The organisation had “scoured Bangladesh’s coastal districts in the south and collected 14 males and five females”, he said, and worked with the US-based Turtles Survival Alliance, Bangladesh’s forest department and Vienna Zoo.

    The Austrian institution bred the turtles in a laboratory two years ago and hatched two babies but one later died.

    In its most recent report on the species in 2000 the International Union for Conservation of Nature listed it as critically endangered because of habitat loss, illegal hunting and export to China.

    Monirul Khan, Bangladesh’s leading wildlife professor, said the breeding breakthrough gave the species “the biggest hope for survival against all the odds”.

    – SAPA


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