New English nature reserve

From Wildlife Extra:

New chalk stream nature reserve opens in Oxfordshire

22/03/2010 21:42:19

Iconic habitat secured for wildlife at Letcombe Valley Nature Reserve

March 2010. Letcome Brook, a chalk stream, runs the length of the 7.5 hectare reserve. Chalk stream habitat is very rare world wide and in England is found only in the south and east. The stream is home to water voles, bullheads and brook lampreys, all protected species.

Other wildlife recorded on the reserve include: brown hare, kingfisher, white-clawed crayfish and five species of bat including Daubenton’s and brown long-eared. …

There are only 161 chalk rivers and streams across the UK and nearly one third of the habitat has become degraded as a result of human activity.

Did kingfishers have a terrible winter? Help British Waterways find out: here.

April 2010. Water voles have taken up residence at a former South Yorkshire colliery site now being transformed into a vibrant community woodland: here.

Water voles making a comeback? Here.

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