Rare Worthen’s sparrow nests discovered in Mexico

This video says about itself:

Worthen’s Sparrow singing male at San Rafael, N.L., Mexico.

From the BBC:

Three new breeding sites of one of the world’s rarest birds, the Worthen’s sparrow of Mexico, have been found.

The discovery of nests in the states of Nuevo Leon and Coahuila confirms the bird needs desert scrub to breed.

Such information may help conservationists formulate a plan to save the species from extinction.

Just a few hundred Worthen’s sparrows survive, and until the latest discovery little was known about where and how the bird reproduces.

Details of the new breeding locations are published in the Journal of Field Ornithology.

Worthen’s sparrow (Spizella wortheni) was originally discovered in the United States, where just a single bird was caught on 16 June 1884, near Silver City, New Mexico.

No Worthen’s sparrows have since been captured in the country, where it is now thought to be extinct.

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