Chiffchaffs and spring flowers

Today, along the railroad, chiffchaffs singing; the first ones I have heard this year.

Also blackbirds singing.

Most snowdrop flowers are already finished or nearly finished. Still crocus flowers. Daffodil and lesser celandine flowers are just beginning. Coltsfoot flowers started two days ago elsewhere; but I did not see any here yet today.

From village trees, nuthatch and robin sounds.

The two white storks are on their nest. Below them, on the meadow, a juvenile mute swan and jackdaws.

One stork flies away. A minute later, the other one flies away as well.

In the nature reserve, the grey herons are nesting. Green woodpecker sound.

Great tits. A male chaffinch looking for food on the footpath.

A blue tit on a small birch tree branch.

A swimming coot brings nesting material to a tree branch sticking out of the water, providing a fixed point for nesting.

On the meadow: gray lag geese; hares; a shelduck. A lesser black-backed gull. Wood pigeons. Two Canada geese. Redshank sound.

A ring-necked parakeet in the forest. A female chaffinch on the footpath.

Great spotted woodpecker sound.

On the bank of the castle pond, wood anemone flowers; attracting a bumblebee.

As I go back, a greenfinch singing.

On the meadow, both an adult and a juvenile mute swan now. The storks have not yet returned to their nest. Only a jackdaw is there.

2 thoughts on “Chiffchaffs and spring flowers

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