British air pollution kills 50,000 people a year

This video is called Jean Lambert MEP on London’s Air Quality.

From British daily The Guardian:

UK air pollution causes 50,000 early deaths a year, say MPs

Minute particles from burning fuel can shorten lives by up to nine years, according to the environment audit committee

* John Vidal, environment editor

* Monday 22 March 2010 10.57 GMT

Fifty-thousand people a year may be dying prematurely because of air pollution, a influential committee of MPs has reported after a six-month investigation.

According to the environment audit committee, minute sooty particles, emitted largely from the burning of diesel and other fuels and inhaled deeply into the lungs, shortens lives by seven to eight months. In pollution hotspots like areas of central London and other cities, the particles could be cutting vulnerable people’s lives short by as much as nine years.

The committee, which took evidence from government ministers as well as medical experts, said it was shocked so little was being done to address the problem, despite the health evidence and threats from Europe to take Britain to court and fine it millions of pounds a year until improvements are made.

In a series of Commons meetings, the committee heard the government had been breaking EU air quality laws for more than a decade and also extracted new figures from the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs. These showed that the scale and seriousness of the long-term problem had been known for many years but had been repressed.

Long-term air pollution, from the sooty particles known as PM10s, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), it was told, makes asthma worse and exacerbates heart disease and respiratory illness.

The number of people dying in London because of poor air quality is now more than 20 times higher than those killed in road accidents, according to recent research by the mayor’s office.

Nearly 9,500 people die each year in London because of air pollution – study. Counting impact of toxic gas NO2 for the first time suggests more than twice as many people as previously thought die prematurely from pollution in UK capital: here.

11 thoughts on “British air pollution kills 50,000 people a year

  1. Mayor asked to support ‘die-in’

    ENVIRONMENT: Pressure group Climate Rush revealed today that it had sent deputations to the homes of London mayoral candidates inviting them to attend a direct action protest against pollution in the capital.

    Tory Mayor Boris Johnson and Labour’s Ken Livingstone and Green Party candidate Jenny Jones have all been asked to join a “die-in” protest at 6.30pm on Wednesday designed to block a busy road to raise awareness about London’s harmful air pollution.

    The group said that it had already put up more than 500 “public health warnings” on road signs and bus stations across London.


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