Clerical sexual abuse in the Antilles

These videos are called Child sexual abuse by Catholic priests in the United States. In “Hand of God,” video 1 of 10, etc.

Just one day aften a mention on this blog that Roman Catholic clerical sexual abuse, apart from many other countries, may also have happened in the “Dutch” Antilles, the local bishop has confirmed that it did happen.

Translated from Curaçao Nieuws today:

Luis Secco: ashamed about abuse

Sunday, March 21, 2010 12:29

Willemstad – Bishop Luigi Secco of Willemstad, in a letter on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church, has apologized to victims of (sexual) abuse in the church. The Diocese of Willemstad has established a committee of experts that investigates cases of sexual abuse.

Secco says that cases of abuse that have emerged have the interest and attention of the diocese. “We are very hurt.”He also says that the church is “ashamed” about what has happened and he stressed that every case of sexual abuse is morally bad.

Also on the Netherlands Antilles, victims of abuse by priests and other members of the church have recently told their stories. The committee will investigate how many cases there were. Secco, an Italian Salesian, says that the church would “allow justice to be done in these cases”.

Curaçao Jewish history: here.

7 thoughts on “Clerical sexual abuse in the Antilles

  1. Sunday, 21 Mar. 2010, 06:39:58 / source:

    AP – A news magazine reports that the head of the German Bishops Conference admits the Roman Catholic church consciously covered up cases of sexual abuse by priests.


  2. Ireland receives Papal apology

    Ireland: Sunday Mass goers across Ireland have been read Pope Benedict’s words of apology in his pastoral letter on clerical child abuse.

    The pontiff told victims he was truly sorry for their suffering and admitted bishops had made grave errors of judgment in dealing with paedophile priests.

    But campaigner Maeve Lewis said: “Pope Benedict has lost a glorious opportunity to address the core issue in the clerical sexual abuse scandal – the deliberate policy of the Catholic Church at the highest levels to protect sex offenders, thereby endangering children.”


  3. Beijing monitors religious cash

    China: The government announced on Friday that it will tighten supervision on financial management of the country’s 130,000 religious institutions due to “prevailing malpractice.”

    The State Administration of Religious Affairs said that it had found that some institutions had embezzled or misused public money.

    Registered religious groups are now required to hire an accountant or accounting firm and submit annual financial reports.


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