Australian Aborigines dying in jails

This music video is by the Australian Aboriginal singer Ruby Hunter – Let My Children Be.

By Jim McIlroy, Brisbane, Australia:

Black deaths in custody a ‘national disgrace and a tragedy’

20 March 2010

“The Aboriginal community is moving to call for a national day of action against Black deaths in custody on Saturday April 10”, Queensland Aboriginal leader and Socialist Alliance member Sam Watson told Green Left Weekly on March 19. “We are calling on all state and federal governments across Australia to conduct a national audit of the implementation of the recommendations of the 1991 Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody.

“Instead of real action, there has been an increase in the rates of Indigenous deaths in custody, and an overall increase in rates of jailing of Aboriginal prisoners, in the 19 years since the royal commission. This is a national disgrace and a tragedy.”

“One of the great scandals of Australia’s history: Aboriginal labour in the 20th century”, was the title of a lecture by Dr Ros Kidd in the Queensland Trades and Labour building on May 20: here.

After seven years, the police officers responsible for the killing of Palm Island Aboriginal man Mulrunji Domadgee — and the cover-up that followed — may face new charges as a result of a Crimes and Misconduct Commission (CMC) report: here.

There are more non-Aboriginal deaths in custody than Aboriginal deaths. But the rate of Aboriginal deaths in custody is higher than in South Africa during the peak of apartheid: here.

Guardian: Aboriginal film decries threat to ancestral customs from Australia’s water scarcity: here.

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