Clerical sexual abuse in Suriname as well

This video from Ireland says about itself:

Nell McCafferty questions the [Irish Roman Catholic] church’s apology and suggests they should give up their accolades such as “Your Eminence”, “Your Grace” etc.

Not only were dozens of priests abusing hundreds of children in the archdiocese of Dublin over five decades, their superiors were either turning a blind eye or conspiring to cover it up, often with the help of Gardai [police] and other state authorities.

The report by Justice Yvonne Murphy’s Commission of Investigation, published today, reveals the true scale of the scandal in a church which considered itself above the law.

The report itself describes in devastating detail how the reputation of the catholic church was deemed more important than the welfare of children.

RTE provide links here if you want to download and read the full report

The Ryan Report

QandA May 25th – response to question on Ryan Commission Report

If you were baptised in Ireland and wish to officially leave the catholic church, go to

Translated from the Dutch of Michiel van Kempen, who is a Professor in Surinamese and Antillean studies:

Also abuse of children by priests in the Antilles?

From our “culture of then and now” section:

It looks very much like the lid of the cesspool is coming off now in many places in the world; cases of abuse of children by priests are coming to light. Also many cases in Suriname have now become known. Dozens of victims have been reported to Bert Smeets, the man who founded the pressure group Mea Culpa.

The pope was offered the Honorary Chairmanship of this group, though he has not accepted it (yet). This whole “affair” is bad for the fundraising for the restoration of the very symbol of the Catholic Church: the rotten cathedral building in Henck Arron Street.

in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname

Probably, it will decay even further.

At times like these, when the untold suffering of hundreds of men (and women too) comes to light, it is clear that this is NOT about individual cases of individual sinners, but about a system that legitimized the abuse: one hand washes the other, confession remains the all-occlusive veil. In case that people have forgotten: a priest confesses to another priest. Of course, this pope will continue with this system of keeping the dirty laundry inside the church, if we look at his last speech to the Irish abused former altar boys. Too bad that this sermon was not in Papiamentu.

the main language of the Dutch Antilles

How long should we wait before the first cases in the Antilles

presumably, of abuse of Antillean children by Dutch priests. Roman Catholicism is the main religion in the Antilles, while it is only a minority in Suriname.

come out? That this purely objective question will be labeled as biased sedition, indicates how much a depraved system of thought has affected many people.

Friday, 19 Mar. 2010, 01:38:35 / source:

[Ore. lawsuit claims Boy Scouts sex abuse coverup (AP)]

AP – The Boy Scouts of America has long kept an extensive archive of secret documents that chronicle the sexual abuse of young boys by Scout leaders over the years.

Dina Rasor, Truthout in the USA: While the Scouts have spent years hiding their pedophiles in the name of protecting their reputation, they were also launching a decades-long fight to keep gay scouts and leaders from being in their troops. This duplicity has all been supported with our tax dollars: here.

Roman Catholic sexual abuse scandal and confession, cartoon by Martin Rowson

Senior Vatican officials, including Pope Benedict XVI, have been accused of not doing enough to stop sexual abuse by Catholic priests in the US, the New York Times newspaper has reported: here.

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