Economic crisis in Detroit, USA

Detroit Public School Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb is working closely with a coalition of wealthy philanthropic organizations and charter school advocates to massively reorganize the school system, including shutting down dozens of public schools: here.

Detroit—a model for nationwide assault on public education: here.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and “Education Reform”: here.

This video is called Detroit family denounces utility shutoffs in 3 fire deaths.

By Lawrence Porter:

United Community Housing Coalition director to testify at Detroit inquiry

Ted Phillips: “Thousands of people are living without lights, water or gas

19 March 2010

Ted Phillips, executive director of United Community Housing Coalition, is scheduled to testify this Saturday in Detroit at the Citizens Inquiry into the Dexter Avenue Fire.

The United Community Housing Coalition is a nonprofit comprehensive housing organization that has serviced low-income residents in Detroit since 1973.

The effort by the state of Michigan to frame up Sylvia Young, the mother of three small children who perished in a Detroit house fire on March 2, is falling apart as the charges of neglect against the 30-year-old mother have been exposed as nothing but a concoction by the authorities: here.

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