Clerical sexual abuse of blind children

This video from the USA says about itself:

The Roman Catholic Church is entangled in another sex-abuse scandal, this time involving a U.S. priest accused of molesting up to 200 deaf boys decades ago. A group of victims has condemned Pope Benedict’s handling of the case, which went directly to his office when he was a cardinal.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP today:

“Also abuse at institute for the blind”

At a Catholic institution in Grave [in the southern Netherlands] visually impaired and blind children have been sexually abused for a long time. This is apparent from research by the NRC daily and Radio Netherlands Worldwide. The perpetrators are Roman Catholic friars.

Four former students of the Sint Henricus Institute say that they were abused ever since they were six years of age by six Tilburg Friars. The abuse, in the 1960s, is said to have been hushed up.

Oregon lawsuit claims Boy Scouts sex abuse coverup, here.


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