Economic crisis, and education

This video is called Iraq war ‘partly to blame’ for US financial crisis.

This video is called The Impact of Iraq War on Economy.

DISARMAMENT: Despite Recession, Global Arms Race Spirals: here.

USA: A report issued by a bankruptcy court-appointed examiner details accounting fraud on a massive scale by Lehman Brothers in the months leading up to its September 2008 collapse: here.

Regulators demand detailed Lehman Brothers’ papers from Ernst & Young: here.

Lehman Scandal: Where’s the Follow Up? Here.

Britain: The Tories’ links with Lehman: here.

USA: The administration plan would change the funding mechanism established in the bedrock Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), one of the last major progressive reforms enacted in the United States, substituting grants awarded on a competitive basis for a formula that awarded funded largely based on population: here.

Boston residents face new threats to city services, as the Boston Public Library system, along with community centers and public swimming pools are targeted for cutbacks: here.

Britain: Over 500 students held a rally at Sussex University March 11, following a week of protests against education cuts and in support of students suspended for taking part in an occupation that was attacked by riot police: here.

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