Economic crisis, workers’ resistance

This video from CNN in the USA is called Greek Workers Strike, Want Bankers to Pay.

Workers throughout Greece staged their second one-day strike within a month yesterday to protest the austerity measures being imposed by the PASOK social democratic government of Prime Minister George Papandreou: here.

In the wake of the financial crisis that erupted in 2008, leading capitalist nations and blocs of nations are employing increasingly aggressive forms of protectionism to advance their interests: here.

The world’s billionaires saw their wealth grow by 50 percent last year, and their ranks swell to 1,011, from 793, according to the latest Forbes list of billionaires: here.

USA: The Kansas City (Missouri) Board of Education voted Wednesday night to close almost half of the city’s public schools: here.

According to the conventional wisdom, the United States is a centre-right country. But a new poll by Pew casts doubt on that idea. It shows widespread scepticism about capitalism and hints that support for socialist alternatives is emerging as a majoritarian force in the US’s new generation: here.

On Tuesday Republic of Ireland airline Aer Lingus announced 670 job cuts in a major attack on its workforce: here.

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