4 thoughts on “Italian workers will strike

  1. Greek strike to shut down services Thursday

    (AP) – 10 hours ago

    ATHENS, Greece — Greek unions say nationwide strikes will shut down all public services, closing schools, customs and tax offices, halting public transport and grounding flights for 24 hours.

    Greeks have been protesting the Socialist government’s harsh austerity measures, designed to curb the country’s massive debt and pull it out of an unprecedented financial crisis that has hammered the euro. The measures have cut civil servants’ salaries, frozen pensions and increased taxes, including on fuel and general sales tax.

    Workers are to walk off the job from midnight Wednesday night.

    Journalists, teachers, state hospital doctors and air traffic controllers will be among those striking, while officers from the police, fire service and coast guard plan to join protest rallies.

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  2. Berlusconi allies pass legislation

    Italy: Silvio Berlusconi’s allies pushed controversial legislation through parliament on Wednesday that shields the Italian premier from prosecution in two ongoing trials.

    The measure allows the premier and cabinet ministers to postpone hearings for six months in any ongoing trial in which they are implicated.

    Mr Berlusconi is a defendant in two trials in Milan – one on corruption charges, one of tax fraud charges.



  3. Arson attack on Roma condemned

    Czech Republic: Prime Minister Jan Fischer condemned on Monday a new arson attack on a Roma family’s home in Ostrava.

    On Sunday an unknown assailant threw a molotov cocktail into a children’s room where a teenage girl was sleeping, although no-one was injured because the bottle of petrol did not smash.

    Last April, arsonists attacked a Romany family house in Vitkov with three molotov cocktails, killing three including a two-year-old girl who suffered burns on 80 per cent of her body.



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