Berlusconi more unpopular than ever

This punk music video from Italy is called NOT MY PRESIDENT – KILLER SOUND – NO BERLUSCONI DAY (Original Version).

From ANSA news agency in Italy:

Berlusconi‘s approval rating lowest-ever

Record lows also for his govt and PdL party

10 March, 12:55

Rome, March 10 – The approval ratings for Premier Silvio Berlusconi, his government and his People of Freedom (PdL) party all fell to record lows in March, according to a monthly poll from the IPR research group released on Wednesday.

IPR added that Italy’s other parties, both in government and on the opposition, failed to benefit from the PdL’s decline.

The March poll came after the mix-up up by the PdL over presenting its list of candidates for this month’s partial regional elections and the government’s attempts to rectify this. According to the March poll, Berlusconi‘s personal approval rating in one month slipped two percentage points to 44%, its lowest level since he took office in the spring of 2008 and far below its peak of 62% in October 2008.

The percentage of Italians who disapprove of Berlusconi‘s performance as premier rose by two percentage points to its highest yet, 54%.

The approval rating for Berlusconi‘s center-right government also fell by two percentage points, after holding steady for fourth months in a row, sinking to 38%, its lowest yet, while its disapproval rating climbed two points to 58%.

Amnesty International has slated the forced displacement of thousands of Roma families from their homes in the capital by Italian authorities: here.

“Videocracy”: Berlusconi’s Empire of Boobs: here.

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